10 Of My Favourite Toni Morrison Quotes

10 Of My Favourite Toni Morrison Quotes

I find this time of the year to be deeply reflective. With one day rolling gently into the other, losing track of time and going deeper into my mind. I've been rereading a few of my favourite books by Toni Morrison to help pass the time quietly. One book, in particular - Tar Baby. Toni's [...]

Happy New Year – Resolutions/Intentions -2018

Happy New Year – Resolutions/Intentions -2018

Hello Lovelies, Happy New Year! I've had a slow start to my new year and that's totally OKAY! sometimes its necessary to take all the time you need to regroup, reassess and then produce. 2017 was a landmark year for me! So many amazing things began to happen and life just fell neatly into place. [...]

No One

I am nobody. I am no one. I am unknown. my existance is mondain. my life is routine. I am no one. nobody unknown. a part of the machine. replaceable. I am nobody. unknown. going with the ebb and flow the push and the pull I am unknown no body, noone settled in the routine. collective [...]

From my sketchbook: archived ( September,2007)

A few doodles from my sketchbook with a bit of writing. Hope everyone is having a happy Canadian thanksgiving.


I'm feeling empty, feeling used. I'm feeling as if I've been had. As if my cards got played. Feeling as though this whole time... You could see my hand. I'm cheated.

December 22, 2004

Our love transcended time.We were interlocked mentally,two people of the same frame of mind.He conquered me like a football playeron the defensive.wrestled me to the ground and spoke his poetryinto my ear.His air blazed my fire to red hot proportions.head banged against the car windscreen.post concussed, dishevelled emotions.our fights intensified and feelings got hurt.I turned [...]