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Open Garden – Mission B.C. (True love is beautiful)

My partner and I decided to go for a drive a couple weeks ago since we are still new to this town, it’s a fun way for us to discover new places just by driving around. We hopped in the car destination unknown. And drove off into the evening. It was a pretty warm evening

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You’re Beautiful! 

We all care about what others think of us even if we say we don’t. The difference is do you let what others perceive of  you negatively affect you in any way? Personally, I don’t honestly! I do care what others think but it holds no bearings on my reality. And this is something I

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Play Dead IPA – Yellow Dog Brewery 

The craft/micro brewing industry has simply exploded in British Columbia,Canada in the past couple of years. I feel as though a new craft brewery is popping up every week. Some are here to stay while others simply fizzle like the froth on the top of your beer. I’d like to review a few that I

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