Ink Drawing: Treasure

Ink Drawing: Treasure

Last Sunday I had so much fun recording a podcast with Cat Forsley from and mylipaddiction podcast. The actual podcast will be out a week from today Wednesday September 27th. After chatting with Cat, I realized I haven't been sharing quite as much of my art and photography on the blog as I should. [...]

From my sketchbook: archived ( September,2007)

A few doodles from my sketchbook with a bit of writing. Hope everyone is having a happy Canadian thanksgiving.

lines….the good type

It's been a little while since I excuses just lazy. Here is another drawing from one of my old sketchbooks. I call this lines....The good type.enjoynatoyaista ❤

Use what ‘cha got.

To get into my creative process I have to do a series of random experiments. Which always involves me finding something and working with that. I found this old sketchbook I had in my storage and on it It said "NEVER HIDE" I suspect I ripped that out of a magazine because I found it [...]