Masigi Oil Pulling Review

Masigi Oil Pulling Review

Hello, Lovelies. I've been taking a different approach to health and wellness and decided to try something I've been curious about for quite a few years. Oil Pulling! I grew up seeing my grandmother brushing her teeth with charcoal, swishing coconut oil in her mouth and also chewing garlic. Truthfully, I thought she was odd [...]

Video: Mailbox Monthly

I do a fair bit of product testing in my spare time for research companies such as BZZAGENT and SOCIALNATURE. Every month i put out a video on my youtube channel about the products i've tested and whether i would recommend them or not. Here is October's video. Have a watch and give me some [...]

Ethical Body Butter

A few weeks ago I made an amazing batch of body butter using a few new ingredients after much research. I was hesitant to talk about the new body butter as I use myself as a Guiney pig to test out all my products. I feel that if I cant use it on my sensitive skin and my [...]