D.I.Y. Fireflies in a jar

D.I.Y. Fireflies in a jar

Hello Everyone, Over the holidays I put together a few fun decorative pieces to supplement my lack of christmas ornaments and my unwillingness to purchase more. My first little invention came from a display i saw at Urban Outfitters of all the places. It was some sort of firefly in a jar. very amazing and [...]

Video: Mailbox Monthly

I do a fair bit of product testing in my spare time for research companies such as BZZAGENT and SOCIALNATURE. Every month i put out a video on my youtube channel about the products i've tested and whether i would recommend them or not. Here is October's video. Have a watch and give me some [...]


I've always wanted to try bangs! but naturally i was afraid they wouldn't fit my face. So what better way to go about changing up my do. Get a weave! I decided on getting hair extensions with bangs! and the results were amazing. I'm especially proud since I did it all on my own!

Horseshoe Canyon, Lillooet BC, Canada.

On a family trip to the interior of British Columbia. It's amazing how much the landscape changes as you drive further north. -Natoyaista