Hello, my name is Natoya, Just Natoya :). I’m Passionate about beauty, fashion, social justice and sharing my finds with everyone. I’m a mommy to my wonderful son Ben. Being a mother has been one of the greatest adventures of my life so far.

Speaking of adventures, I’m an Art School graduate and tend to lend my love for the arts to my blogging as well. You can often find me on some remote trail or mountainside. But my deepest love is for the oceans here in Beautiful British Columbia. I use my love of the outdoors in my work as well. I’m the founder of Studio Natoyaista an online store which features photography, print and digital, vintage, art and handmade quality goods.


justnatoya.com is my outlet to just be Natoya sharing with each of you all the things I appreciate, discover and love. This is an open forum and I thank you all for going on this adventure with me. Wherever it may take us