Smash + Tess Media Event.

One of my favourite things about being a content creator is attending media showcases. It is such a fun way to meet the faces behind the brands and hear their unfiltered stories, as well as catch up with fellow content creators.

  • WOWZA! 25 days of Craft update

    It would’ve been easy for me to cheat and put up pics of things I’ve already done and pass them off as crafts of the day but I took a oath of honesty to myself in 2009, and I can’t go back on it plus my conscience is pretty brutal to me. My 25 days… Read more

  • 25 Days of Craft – Day 3 – Painted Vintage Earrings

    Yay! Day 3 and still going strong. I found a pair of vintage earrings at my favourite old lady thrift shop. It’s in a secret location, I’ve only ever seen old women there, so you know there is a lot of good gems hidden there… well until the hipsters and cool kids figure it out.… Read more

  • 25 Days of Craft: Day 2 – Paper pom-poms

    Today’s craft is super simple, It’s a paper pom-pom made with tissue paper and wire twist ties from the cilantro in the fridge.  I started off by folding the tissue paper in continous small strips, Put the twist tie in the middle then trim the edges. This would look great if you have several in… Read more

  • 25 Days of Craft: What happened to Day 2?

    So yesterday would’ve been Day 2, of my 25 days of craft challenge: I didn’t forget however It was game #7 of the Stanley Cup playoffs and being the avid Vancouver Canucks fan I was i spent the whole day anxious on edge and having a lot of difficulty focusing on my project. Needless to… Read more

  • 25 Days of Crafts: Day 1 – Badly Crafted Cushion

    Today I decided that I’m going to do one craft project for the next 25 days! For me that’s a tall order since I have trouble just updating my blog. But I think I can do this! I’m trying to get back into the habit of producing things. So Here we go! I bought this… Read more

  • Indecisive decisions

    After much indecisive thoughts, I’ve decided that I’m my own set back.  I’m holding my self back from all the awesome things I can be, Because of fear. I’m not afraid to admit that i’m overly insecure in decisions on how to make a living.  With that being said. I’m going to create, Because that’s… Read more

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