Smash + Tess Media Event.

One of my favourite things about being a content creator is attending media showcases. It is such a fun way to meet the faces behind the brands and hear their unfiltered stories, as well as catch up with fellow content creators.

  • Use what ‘cha got.

    To get into my creative process I have to do a series of random experiments. Which always involves me finding something and working with that. I found this old sketchbook I had in my storage and on it It said “NEVER HIDE” I suspect I ripped that out of a magazine because I found it… Read more

  • September, September

    So in my last post I said I was preparing to be inspired by going to my friends art show, which I was very inspired. But I left with a lot more than inspiration. I left with a good dose of nostalgia, I had completely forgotten how much fun and hard work, I had put… Read more

  • Preparing to be inspired

    Tonight is the art show of a very dear friend of mine Benjamin Williamson, at no other than the college, turn university where we once studied…It’s really so nice to see friends come full circle and I know it’ll be amazing! His work always is. I used to tease and say he was overly neurotic… Read more

  • Double Steeple

    Double Steeples against Downtown Vancouver cityscape. Taken on Christmas Day Read more

  • not quite votive

    If you know anything about candles and making candles…you’ll know there are several different type of waxes to be used accordingly to the candle you’ll be making….container wax for candles in containers and pillar wax for free standing candles made in molds. I was making some container candles and had a bit left over so… Read more

  • Bath bomb for Jessica

    the holidays I got an order from a family friend Jessica. I was so excited to make these bath bombs, the trouble is everyone knows that naturally made bath bombs only have a shelf life of about two weeks, or so.  To make them as fresh as possible I started to make the bath bombs… Read more

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